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Ryan, James & Daniels Corp.
is an international holding company with several subsidiaries. RJD Corp’s primary purpose is to ensure that its subsidiaries maintain the ultimate client support system. Quite simply, when our clients our making, our subsidiaries are making money. We believe when we put the clients first the profits will follow. We are proud to announce that RJD Corp’s subsidiaries have generated more than 5 million in revenue in the past 12 months. As a result of its tremendous success RJD Corp is proud to announce it will be issuing pre-IPO stock, as we intend to go public.  Our clients make money, our subsidiaries make money and our investors get rich. Win! Win! Win!

So, what is it? What is all the media hype about? What is it that our subsidiaries do? Too numerous to list but here are a few

What is it that our subsidiaries do?.

International Holdings


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What is it that our subsidiaries do?.

International Travel Affiliates

ResortBnb Inc. (ResortBnb Travels) is an international travel affiliate firm that owns dozens of travel websites that gather all the best rates on hotels, airfares etc. The consumer is provided with the least expensive rates. The consumer no longer must spend countless hours trying to find the best price.

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Collection Agency

RJD Collect is a nationwide commercial collection agency that specializes in recovering business to business debt. The secret to RJD Collects success is that we use a network of credit trained private investigators that are able to meet face to face with debtors. This enables us to collect twice the debt our competitors collect and recover our clients’ money faster. We also have a network of attorneys that we use to collect money.

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    RJD Corp has added the #1 reputable automotive repair franchise to its portfolio.