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Subsidiary #1

International Travel Affiliate.

ResortBnb Inc. (ResortBnb Travels) is an international travel affiliate firm that owns dozens of travel websites that gather all the best rates on hotels, airfares etc. The consumer is provided with the least expensive rates. The consumer no longer must spend countless hours trying to find the best price. We do it for them and are a one-stop shop! In the vastness of the travel industry, how will anyone find us? ResortBnb Travels has developed dozens of websites that play off all the keywords of the major players in the travel industry. For Example, Expedia, Orbitz, Airbnb to name a few. We are using the High-Tech firm from India, Abhijeet Johri Technologies to create and market these websites with great success. Below are a some  

Our websites are capable of more than 20 different languages and 20 different monetary systems allowing our international clients to book trips in their own language and currency with ease and simplicity.

With incorporating the major players into our website domain names, our SEO marketing program allows us to show up on the first couple pages of google in most countries. This is a tremendous advantage. We are constantly upgrading our websites to handle the several thousands of viewers. The more viewers the more payers. It’s that simple.

ResortBnb Travels has a second lucrative profit stream which is timeshare advertising!

First things first. We feel it necessary to state that there are unethical but not illegal type of advertising that purports to bring offers to timeshare owners that want to sell their existing timeshare. Companies will have a website, similar to auto trader for cars, and place a picture of the customers timeshares on the website and promise to rent or sell. The only problem with this business model is it doesn’t work. Timeshares are sold not bought. These companies are short lived and go in and out of business in less than a year as the customers complaints pile up. ResortBnb Travels has a provisional patent on our timeshare advertising program! Investors take note!
Because we have a tremendous inflow of travelers already going to the major resorts. Through our travel affiliates, we have our customers information. Our travel customers will receive a call from a ResortBnb representative letting them know that if they wish to purchase the resort, they are staying at, not to pay full price. We enlighten our travelers that we have customers that are negotiable and willing to accept a fraction of the cost for the same property. We capitalize on that feeling of “I can’t wait to come back here year!” We are matching buyers and sellers all day every day. Should both parties reach an agreement we offer guidance on how to proceed to title transfer companies that complete the sale protecting both parties. It takes the full power and weight of an internationally owned company to be able to help timeshare owners on the resale market. ResortBnb Travels will get the job done!
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