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Subsidiary #2

RJD Collect.

RJD Collect is a nationwide commercial collection agency that specializes in recovering business-to-business debt. The secret to RJD Collects success is that we use a network of credit-trained private investigators that are able to meet face to face with debtors. This enables us to collect twice the debt our competitors collect and recover our clients’ money faster. We also have a network of attorneys that we use to collect money as well.  
RJD Collect has a unique philosophy on what clients we are looking for. While most commercial collection agencies are looking for Fortune 500 clients, like UPS or FedEx, RJD Collect targets companies with 25 employees or less. This is an untapped market by our competitors. We are set up to handle tens of thousands of clients.

However, RJD Collect has several revenue streams. In addition to business to business collections, we have consumer to business collections also falling under the heading of commercial collections. This is the genius of Ryan, James and Daniels Corp. RJD Collect is provided collections from ResortBnb Travels advertising department.

Most customers that are looking to rid themselves of their timeshare are senior citizens. These are elderly people that may be widowers, or sick whose financial circumstances have changed. RJD Collect has entire division devoted helping seniors recovering money from fraudsters. It’s very sad that this part of the American population have been targeted by fraudsters. We think to the tune of a billion dollars every year. RJD Collect’s collectors receive special training to handle this type of collection because it’s very emotional. We are proud to announce that Ryan, James & Daniels Holdings and it’s subsidiaries have collected more than 5 million dollars for seniors in the past few years. This is the pride and of Ryan, James & Daniels Corp.

In addition to recovering many for seniors from fraudsters, RJD Collect has contracted with a prestigious law group from Orlando that will cancel a senior citizens timeshare. There are many programs available to seniors that can help them. RJD Collect’s attorneys will find the guaranteed program for you.

Ryan, James & Daniels Corp. Holdings is diversified. Another subsidiary is Nextstepsoberhouse.com. This is a place where men and women can recover from addition. This is an Alcoholics Anonymous based program which is changing people’s lives. It’s our way of giving back to the community. Next Step Sober House Inc. is negotiating a 40-client facility which would generate, approximately, 400k annual revenue stream. As importantly, changing people’s lives.

Ryan, James & Daniels Corp has several revenue streams for potential investors. In a time when the stock market is falling rapidly the best investment strategy is get in with the right company on the cutting edge, prior to its initial public offering. We believe Ryan, James & Daniels Corp is a great choice!
We are happy to announce our pre IPO Stock

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    RJD Corp has added the #1 reputable automotive repair franchise to its portfolio.